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Embrace your Life Transitions and make them work for you!

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

We all go through several different transitions in our lives and these transitions can make us feel disconnected from our ourselves, loved ones and our own developmental progress. Some of these transitions can be caused by relationships, careers, finances, medical diagnosis, family and of course life itself.

The day I realised that I don’t have to fight to overcome every obstacle in my life was so freeing!

I discovered that I can be comfortable spending time with my life challenges, to discover, engage and connect with them. Looking at these transitions or challenges with eyes of curiosity, helped me to stop judging myself for failing to overcome them. I started to move with my challenges, instead of fighting them, trying to overcome them or beating myself every time I failed.

The definition of transition is the act of moving from one stage to another, so your challenges become a staged movement, a generous flow, instead of this exhausting fight.

As you accept this flowing movement, you find yourself learning, discovering your own strength and growing within the challenge. Now the challenge become a transition and that is empowering and strengthening.

Every challenge I have ever fought to overcome, took years and it was exhausting and I never really overcame them. I have now come to realise that when I move with my transitions, feel them, live them and embrace them, they become a centre point of inspiration for your creative strength. The time you spend in or with the transition suddenly doesn’t matter anymore.

I spent the last two years learning how to spend time with my life transitions, developing and growing with each one. I am inspired and energised to create again.

I am connected to my personal possibility.

I am very excited to announce today that I am adding a new programme to VanDerWalt Coaching. The programme is called Discover and Connect. It is specifically designed for men and women 30 years and over that is going through a specific life transition. I know this programme will give others what it gave me! It helped me to discover the number one thing that was holding me back.

I stopped fighting!

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